Terp Inspectors taste the summer with Sour Banana Sherbet

The Terp Inspectors are setting the bar high again, this time for an appropriate cannabis strain. Namely a beautifully grown Sour Banana Sherbet; genetics from Crockett Family Farms that was bred by Urban Growers Collective. It certainly won’t be because of the appearance, what about you?

We received a nice summer sample for inspection from our good friend UGC genetics. Namely Sour Banana Sherbet, a strain made by Crockett Family Farms in California, America. It is a very tasty cannabis strain that hits hard. And perfect for a summer session, because sherbet of course simply means a cooling sorbet in Dutch.

UGC Genetics

Over the years, we have seen and tasted a large number of different types of weed from UGC genetics. UGC (Urban Growers Collective) is a group of true cannabis enthusiasts with many years of growing experience. They are always looking for the newest varieties that taste the best.

We are also sometimes asked by UGC to help with a new pheno hunt so that they have more opinions to decide with which species they will continue to cross. Of course we really enjoy doing this, and this way we get to see many flavors and varieties. We also get to know the phenotypic differences per species. The characteristics can vary widely per species, and it is important for a breeder to continue with the best species.

Very nicely trimmed

From UGC genetics we received some very nice compact buds, which are light green in color and full of trichomes. We have received this species from UGC before, but after some digging in our memory it turned out that it was already 4 years ago. That was also the first time we smoked this strain. Back then the buds were a little more compact than this time; it is now a slightly more open ‘hybrid’ structure. The buds are very nicely cut, something we are used to from UGC.

Under the microscope we see that the buds and even the leaves are full of trichomes. Most are white and cloudy in color. Some are clear and a truly overripe amber trichome is almost impossible to detect.

Smell translates well into taste

The scents we encounter first are creamy, fruity-sweet and sour. The scent is also quite strong and quite unique, with many subtle scents in the background. While sniffing, we come to the conclusion that the smells correspond very well with the crossing of the species. The sweet, fruity and creamy scent of the Banana Sherbet and the sourness of the Sour Diesel. Only the typical gassy/diesel smell of Sour Diesel is not really evident in this sample.

After we have thoroughly absorbed the smell of the buds, we take a dry hit of the joint and preheat the Dynavap. This immediately confirmed our thought that the smell and taste match well. When vaping, the sweetness comes through strongly, while the creamy and fruity taste lingers more in the background.

After a few nice vapes it was time for a nice thick joint. We rolled this with a glass tip with a Jilter filter in it to filter out the worst tar but still retain the taste and high. The taste of the joint is delicious! When burned, the creamy sweet taste of the Sherbet cross predominates, and in the background there is a sour note with a nice soft fruit flavor.

Hits big!

This strain is registered as a 50%/50% hybrid, but in our opinion it is the indica effect that has the upper hand. What we notice with the division between indica and sativa is that nowadays this is no longer really about what the plant looks like or the genetic parents of the plant, but more about the effect of the strain. After all, it is the terpenes and flavonoids that determine what effect a strain has. And this no longer really has anything to do with the appearance and growth behavior of the plant.

It is noticeable that the strain contains a high percentage of THC. The effect is noticeable immediately even with a small amount and a low temperature in the vaporizer. A slightly energetic yet very relaxing high.

Based on our own experience, we expect that this will be different at a higher temperature and, for example, when smoking a joint. Then we mainly expect relaxation with probably giggly effects and possibly the muchies. Terpenes and cannabinoids vaporize at different temperatures and this can influence the effect when comparing smoking to vaping. A lot of research is still needed to show this specifically, and we are very curious about this.

The joint packs a punch, with a mainly indica-like effect that makes us feel relaxed. We both really enjoy smoking with the glass tip and a jilter filter. This makes the smoke a lot gentler on the throat. In conclusion, we can say with certainty that this is a tasty strain that we enjoy smoking and that also gets us well stoned.

Sour Banana Sherbet report

  • Breeder: Crockett Family Farms
  • Crossing: Sour Diesel x Banana Sherbet
  • Grower: Urban Growers Collective
  • Appearance: healthy, well-groomed. Report grade: 8
  • Smell: intense, creamy, sweet & sour. Report score: 7.5
  • Taste: creamy and sweet. Fruity and sour in the background. Report score: 7.5
  • Effect: strong & relaxing. Report grade: 8
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