Terp Inspectors Review Fazz from CultureHerbs

You won’t just find the Terp Inspectors in coffee shops. For instance, you could also find them at the CNNBS harvest festival. There, they talked with Gweedo and AtticCanna, who had just finished a beautiful new strain called Fazz. It was the perfect opportunity for a new review. So, here’s Fazz, folks; a cross between Sour Rainbow and Tha Melon.

On November 10, we attended the CNNBS harvest festival and outdoor weed cup. The event was organized in collaboration with SeedStockers. We spoke with many enthusiastic growers of all experience levels, all eager to showcase their homegrown cannabis.

The harvest festival is a small but cozy event where growers and guests enjoy smoking, laughing, and exchanging valuable growing information. You could only enter the outdoor weed cup with outdoor-grown weed, but that didn’t stop growers from also bringing and proudly showing their indoor-grown weed.

One of the beautiful indoor-grown strains we saw was Fazz, a cross of Sour Rainbow and Tha Melon. The strain was crossed by Gweedo (@g_weedo) and grown by AtticCanna (@atticcanna) under the banner of their new project @cultureherbs. You probably know both Gweedo and AtticCanna. Gweedo regularly shares his outdoor growing stories on CNNBS, and AtticCanna participated in CNNBS’s outdoor weed test over the past two years.


Fazz #4
We were very pleased to take a few buds of this new strain with us and decided to dedicate this CNNBS review to it. The buds described and photographed here are from phenotype number 4 of the Fazz. They look fresh and healthy, and their large size is immediately noticeable. The buds are also extremely compact and hard in structure. Nevertheless, there are a few foxtails to point out.

We squeeze the bud a little. This releases many scents and also gives us an indication of the moisture content in the bud. The bud almost completely returns to its original shape after squeezing, so we can say that the humidity is fine. There are still many leaves on the weed, and the grower jokingly asks if we want to trim it a bit for the photo. He was in a bit of a hurry but wanted to show off his new creation anyway.

We examine the bud with a microscope and see many intact trichomes on the outside. The number of trichomes is average, and judging by their colors, this plant was harvested at the right time or perhaps just a bit early.

Fazz Dankoscoop

Still Curing
We open the jar and smell that the bud is not yet optimally cured. The grower also informed us of this. He was so eager to bring the bud to the CNNBS harvest festival that we just have to accept this. We are not consuming the bud immediately, which gives us the chance to provide the weed with fresh air occasionally and continue the curing process.

At this moment, we smell a mix of sweet and sour along with a slight grass and hay scent. These last scents probably come from too much chlorophyll and should disappear with curing. An extra week of curing can make a significant difference. The grass and hay scent gradually fades, and the smell of the bud itself becomes more intense.

We smell a mix of sweet, sour, and creamy. This makes the scent layered and complex. The creamy scent is less intense than many other scents and usually remains in the background. Time to taste!

Notably, the taste of the Fazz strongly reminds us of one of its parents. This is the Sour Rainbow by OG Naj, a Belgian breeder whose Sour Rainbow we tried several years ago. It’s great to see that they managed to retain this delicious taste in Gweedo and AtticCanna’s new strain.

The taste is a beautiful mix of sour, creamy, and sweet, which comes through very well when vaping. After vaping, we roll a nice joint for the ‘smoke’ test. When smoking, it’s clear after one puff that the sour taste predominates, while creamy and sweet move more to the background. Perhaps the terpenes responsible for the creamy and sweet taste evaporate at low temperatures, making them harder to notice when smoking.


Effect & Conclusion
The effect is wonderfully relaxing and strongly leans towards indica effects. We feel both mentally and physically relaxed, and it cheers us up a bit. A nice strain to chill with on the couch in the evening.

We enjoy encountering passionate growers who proudly show their latest creations and let us review them. Thank you, Gweedo and AtticCanna, for this delightful strain; we hope to try many more!

Many thanks also to CNNBS for organizing the harvest festival and outdoor weed cup. It was very enjoyable and educational to hear about the experiences of the outdoor growers from the past year.

Fazz Report
Appearance: fresh and healthy with light foxtails. Rating: 7
Aroma: a beautiful mix of sour, creamy, and sweet. Rating: 8.5
Taste: best when vaped! Rating: 8
Effect: wonderfully relaxing, physically & mentally. Rating: 7.5

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