High Education #1

A successful first edition of our High Education event!

We had a good evening with some close friends to have our first try out of an educational vape and smoke session

The first part was a general introduction to cannabis explaining the basics like cannabinoids, terpenes and effects.

The second part was vaping and smoking 4 classic strains with very different terpene profiles. Our goal was for our guests to experience what those typical flavours are in these strains and how to recognise them by aroma and flavour. We used @dynavap as our vaporiser so that everybody could experience a nice low temperature terpy hit.

Everyone got a short review form to give their own opinion and to trigger them to think about different aspects of the strains.

On the fourth picture you see a nice bud of Exodus Cheese from the @greyarea420 in Amsterdam which was one of the favourites.

To conclude the evening we smoked a nice cannagar together. @purplerosesupply 

It was a great evening and we are working on organising more of these events in the future!

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